Product Benefits

Lubricates Joints

Improves Mobility, Flexibility, & elasticity

Reduces Inflammation & Provides Pain Relief

Relieves Discomfort Caused by Hip Dysplasia

Reduces Muscle, Tissue & Joint Swelling & Tenderness

Repairs, Renews, Maintains & Rejuvenates Cartilage, Cells & Tissue for Joint Health


As pet parents, we are passionate about the well-being of our loved ones. Providing them with the best quality nutrition should not have to be so difficult. Through an abundance of Market research and scientific studies, we have developed a product, rich in key ingredients, sourced from around the globe and manufactured domestically in our home-base, USA. With all of our ingredients clearly defined, we promise to deliver a product that brings purpose to your pet.

We have one goal; satisfy your pet-a goal we stand behind with. a 100% Money-back Guarantee

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Everyrbody thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.


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My 13 year old lab mix was in a ton of pain because of his hips and joints. We were thinking he’s so miserable we may have to make a hard decision on his quality of life. After 2 weeks on these supplements and no more crying getting up and down, he’s handling stairs again (slow but he does it), he’s not crying when he stands up anymore either. These changed his life with regard to helping his joints and hips move better. We went from thinking we were going to have to put him down, to he’s doing so great for his age, he’s clearly not in as much pain as he was, this probably added at least a couple more years to his life. They worked so good I’m thinking I need to get some for humans. Lol

Stacey Miller

So my 16yo small white dog had a sudden onset of symptoms of severe arthritis in his hip. He couldn't put weight on his back left leg. The doc did and x ray and said his hip was bone on bone. He sent us home with pain meds and Adaquin injection. We immediately searched online for a treat to help too. I read a review below where someone said it worked better for their dog than the injection Adaquin. I can not attest to that as my dog has been talking them together. But I'm writing to tell you these treats are amazing! He can only have 1 a day per the dosing per pound but let me tell you, its the highlight of his day...

He's back to walking normally and is not showing signs of pain.

I will continue to buy these for him, he deserves it.


My dog had undergone TPLO surgery and the vet recommended me to give him this to speed up the recovery process. After surgery he was nearly immobile. This is his second bottle of Nutrachewz, and he already seems to be recovering quicker than expected. He is already jumping on the couch and starting to run around again - which is both good and bad as he is suppose to be resting! All we care about is a speedy recovery, and Nutrachewz seem to be working well! We will continue to use this, even after he is fully healed.


Great to hide other pills in!
My Dog loves his new treats! He's a 7 year old, 80 lb. German Shepard/Lab mix and the vet told us he needs to start taking glucosamine to prevent hip pain as he ages. After some research and cost/product comparison we bought 2 different brands.
We decided to go with this one moving forward because he takes a different pill daily and we can easily push the pill inside and mold the treat around it. It makes giving his daily medication effortless! Compared to other products on the market, you get more treats per container and treats per dose. Our dog also loves the taste compared to the other brand. Would recommend this product!


So there are lots of joint supplements out there and because of my breed of pooch (Lab-Shephard) I have tried a bunch. This brand really seems to have helped her. Hip issues run in both breads so she has shown signs of having problems but they seem to have gotten better since starting these treats. She love them also. Kudos to the seller. Fast shipping also. Thumbs...paws up!