Hoooo-mans Did You Eat My Chewz?!!!


Q:  What separates NUTRACHEWZ from all of the other Dog Supplements on the market?


A:  NUTRACHEWZ are made only with the highest quality, human-grade ingredients available.  All product is made in the USA, in a FDA, NASC, and cGMP certified and registered facility.  All product has been tested and tried by HUMANS before being given to our four-legged family members.    

Additionally, all of our product is made with potent active ingredients, and is formulated to aid in efficient absorption; we do not use any fillers unlike other competing brands.  Our products do not skimp out on anything! 


Q:  How will I know my dog will like NUTRACHEWZ?


A:  NUTRACHEWZ is made using the most irresistible and tastiest flavors and ingredients.  We are so confident in our product – that with every purchase, we offer a 100% Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee.  This means that there is no risk to purchasing our product; if you or your dog are not happy for any reason, we will issue you a Hassle-Free 100% Full Refund.


Q:  How many NUTRACHEWZ do I need to give my dog?


A:  NUTRACHEWZ suggested dosages are as follows:


1 – 25LBs = 1 Chew Per Day

26 – 50LBs = 2 Chewz Per Day

51 – 100LBs = 3 Chewz Per Day

101LBs + = 4 Chewz Per Day


Q:  How many calories are in NUTRACHEWZ?


A:  For NUTRACHEWZ Advanced Hip + Joint Mobility Chewz, a single 3.5g chew contains:


    Calories = 16Kcal


Q:  I see NUTRACHEWZ are made with Hemp; Will this get my dog high?


A:  NUTRACHEWZ are made with many groundbreaking ingredients that are the forefront of pet health and wellness, hemp being one of them.


Hemps is not to be confused with Marijuana or CBD Oil.  Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC and no psychoactive substances, unlike CBD Oil or Marijuana, which has significant amounts of THC and psychoactive substances.

Our use of Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Powder is strictly for the suggested attributes and benefits that hemp may support, such as Arthritis, Inflammation, Pain-Relief, fatty acids & the perfect 3:1 rate forOmega3 & Omega6, opposed to fish oil / flax etc.  Studies suggest a multitude of benefits that stem from the consumption of hemp.


Q:  My dog has a sensitive stomach – will this upset their tummy


A:  NUTRACHEWZ is intended for ALL dogs, even those with the most sensitive stomachs.  Our product is entirely GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, GMO FREE, SOY FREE, CORN FREE, CHICKEN FREE, and ALL NATURAL.  Our product should be easy to digest for ALL DOGS, even those with the pickiest food allergies!


Q:    How long until my dog sees any sort of positive results?


A:  NUTRACHEWZ is made for dogs of all breeds, ages, and symptoms related to your dog’s overall mobility.  Our curated blend of ingredients is based off of adequate research studies that show overall improvement to mobility health – from arthritis, hip dysplasia, inflammation, pain relief, to even allergies!  With that said, NUTRACHEWZ should be taken not only as an aid to these symptoms, but as a preventative as well.  Depending on the needs or purpose of your use, will determine the length of time before you may see positive results.  While we have had testimonies that suggested our product helped their dogs’ immediately; we always suggest using our product consistently, for at minimum 2 weeks – before you may see any noticeable improvement in the mobility health of your dog.